We created Babee on Board, the world’s first ‘smart’ baby on board badge to help pregnant women get a seat on public transport.

The initial development phase saw us create a selection of hardware badges that pregnant women wear (see pic above). Once the button on the badge is pressed, it sends a notification to smartphones within a 15 foot radius which means commuters that opt-in are notified when a pregnant woman needs a seat, even if they’re busy looking at their phones. As it uses Beacon bluetooth technology, it works underground without the need for a signal or wifi.

After 12 months of development and user testing, we replaced the hardware badge with an app, with no loss in functionality. This change significantly reduces the cost and enables pregnant women in 155 countries to download the app and discreetly ask for a seat. 

10x is now speaking to a number of brands about integrating the technology into their apps and operating systems. This would enable millions of devices to listen out for Babee on Board notifications. 

For information on Babee On Board, please visit: or read the BBC News article about it here.

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